Flash machine
  • what do ya think of this design for a flash site...
    all credit must go to that picture tho.. i love it.

    im prob gonna stop makin that fcmm site soon. its just... well, pointless. i get a lot of hits and all.. fuckloads more than i expected actually. if anyone wants to take over the address, feel free. i have a lot of quests that go back to the site quite alot. i just wanna make somethin real nice before i leave it tho....
  • an address would help.....
  • flash is bliss dude!
  • dude.. awesome.
  • cool, i'll continue with that so. thanks.
  • The thing is. Flash is not appropriate for documentations and information sites, as it is not searchable and can't be processed easily.
  • yeah, i know. but i wud have an alternative HTML site for people without a flash plugin and they search engines could read that. or perhaps ill make a HTML site that looks pretty much the same as that flash site.. i dunno. but yeah, your right oem.

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