devons part
  • does devon sing and write songs in roscoe and what is their current status? long over?
  • devon wrote all of the songs, matt just sang them.
  • I didn't know devon wrote those songs.
  • "roscoe was pretty sweet. i just had to show up and sing songs. devon took care of all the writing"
  • did devon also play bass?
  • i would assume dave did for the recordings.
  • yeah i figured.

    ah that album is so good.
  • I never quite understood where roscoe came from..I mean was that right after osker and what was the reason behind the sudden change of music from that to fingerscut? Can someone please explain it all :\
  • I read on a punk-o-rama CD that Roscoe came first, and that Osker was named because it was (apparently) an anagram of Roscoe. I think it is on the multimedia section of punk-o-rama 3. I don't have it anymore, so if anyone has it, put in your CD and check it.
  • i have punk-o-rama 3 and all it says about osker in the sleeve is that the version of "alright" on the cd is a demo.
  • No no no. You have to put the CD in the computer. It may be punk-o-rama 4.
  • i think it is. punk o rama 3 does nothing when you put it in the comp.

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