devon's soundcloud

    glad he put some of rarities & unreleased stuff up there. "rats" & "don't be fooled" are definitely some of my fav tunes from him. i wonder why they are not included into the albums. someone should put some of those stuff into a proper release.

    anyway, anyone could help with correct lyrics of rats, dont be fooled & your avalon please?
    sometimes i just don't trust my english listening skill. thanks before.

  • yea i like these songs , maybe they will be on his next new album??

    devon should release a rarities album, just saying
  • i second all of that. has anyone got the new 7" shipped to them yet? or know when it ships?
  • “Rats” is great.
  • jack, I haven't gotten the new 7" either. I haven't heard when it will be released
  • so i got mine the other day. the b-side is pretty good.
  • hmm its seems he has added "queen of eyes" to the list, its a new one it wasn't there a few weeks back, btw I have all those songs via mp3 so im collecting up a b-sides list so I can put them all on one disk

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