• hey everyone,

    this isn't really DW related in any stretch, just a touch of self promotion to advertise my upcoming short film titled 'home sick'. i have set up a funding page that you can check out here:

    there are many options for donations including a handful that include perks coming back your way! my main goal is to try to reach 10,000 in hopes that they can donate $1 each. donating is super easy and you can sign up by logging into facebook - i know, that easy!

    i hate to be 'that guy' who asks for a buck, or any denomination of money, but i can assure you i am tremendously grateful that you are even reading up until this point in the message. anyways, if you're not comfortable with sparing a buck, thats cool too! i totally understand.

    but i would ask another favour. i cannot reach 10,000 people on my own. please forward my message onto your walls by sharing the following Facebook link:
    you can also check out the facebook page, and like, at:

    if you are on twitter, i would totally appreciate a re-tweet on the following link:

    thanks again! i would really appreciate it, even to just go and look at the funding page, there is much more info there.

    thanks guys

  • that second facebook link isn’t working for me. i get paid later this week so i’ll throw some superior american dollars your way

  • hows this: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=125810630870613&id=285783878136710
  • ey yallz, for 50%!
  • that facebook link does not work either

  • you're messing with me? it works fine on my end.
  • it seriously doesnt work for me. could just be me though.

  • what the heck. ps thanks ;)
  • yesterday was the first day without any donations. 18 straight days is pretty impressive. however i still need a lot more to help me reach my goal. please spread the word or drop a couple bucks, it would mean a lot to me:

  • 100% funded!!
  • congrats dude!!!!!!
  • Congrats!
  • heres the trailer!

  • so just a little update for those interested.

    Earlier in April I found out that the film got into Cannes, which is pretty awesome.

    I have some DVD's if anyone is interested in snagging one
  • I want one, definitely.

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