Idle Will Kill acoustic covers
  • Check out this guy's covers. He does every song on Idle Will Kill
  • guys voice is unbearable.
  • Great job on the guitar, though. Must haven taken a while to figure all the songs out.

  • I put on “Back to You”, and got through “save, save your pride” before I had to close it. Sweet Jegus.

  • Yeah his voice is annoying, but he did a good job on playing them
  • other than TJ grant and some other guy who posts here, all of the osker cover’s i’ve heard have not been good. this guy’s guitar work is great but the voice just does not compare.

    edit: josh fu is who i was thinking of.

  • thanks for the kudos, ketchupman36! ;)

    - josh fu
  • that tj grant "disconnect, disconnect" cover is so good. i still listen to it!
  • i played a show with tanner when he was touring with his band project:citizen in florida. found out after i looked up his band that he was an osker fan.

    all in all, the guy covered the whole album.. i think it's really great.

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