hows it going guys?
  • hi guys, hows it goin there? hope everyone is well.

    been ages being away from the board god knows why, now your indonesian pal is back ;)
    just received my euphoria in blue vinyl & the 7"s from slumberland 2 days ago. really dig it!
    makes me thinking about this board. since lately i'm not as frequent visitor as i was before. but still following dw's music and sometimes lurking here to keep it up for sure.

    just want to say hi..
    cody, oem, jack, neal, zack, idlewillkill, ketchupman, interested_ears, pat, everyone... :)


    ps: forgive me oem, i forgot my password to my old account and failed to reset it somehow :P
  • hey man! hope you've been well yourself!
  • yoyoyoyoyo whatup whatup whatup duto!?
  • yeah man how the heck have you been!
    fill us in with what you've been up to!
  • holla bros! recently i've been busy with my art & sometimes lecturing. just finished my master early this year & also just been back from an artist residency program in tokyo a couple months ago. working on my experimental music project too & releasing it on my own private press. maybe some of you want to check, humbly visit please.

    hit me up with what you've been up to too guys :D
  • made a movie in 10. working on saving money for another film in 2012 (april?).
    production company died.
    the usual.

    twitter: @frstlwn (for now. shhh.)
  • someone told me that The Wire mentioned Hasana Private Press on their twitter!/thewiremagazine/status/132131838356496384 and led to their Sleeves Received blog

  • are you on any social media that we can keep in better touch with?
  • i dont do facebook cody, but sometimes twit randomly @hasanaHQ

    anyway since i'm here, anyone have a spare copy of FCCM/kurt vile split 7" and Devon Williams - A Truce / Elevator 7" that came with the cover sleeve and want to part with it? got one years ago but without a cover sleeve. please let me know..
  • my twitter: @contactkiss

    as for me, been living/going to school in nyc area for almost 3 years now. settled in brooklyn these days.

    as for the 7"'s i feel like some record stores around brooklyn might have it in a used bin... i see a lot of kurt vile stuff around. i'll keep my eyes open.
  • duto, these tapes look gorgeous! No wonder they are being talked about. How much for shipping?

    I still have the Kurt Vile split (actually, might be of some value now that Vile has hit it big?). Not planning to part with it for the moment, though.

    I have finished my first university degree a while ago and am living and working in Berlin, doing programming. I am planning to continue my studies next year in Amsterdam.

  • thanks oem :)
    shipping is around $5,45 to US/Can/Europe, and less for Asia/Aussie. been scheduled to do a release for 3 labels each from US, Japan & Aussie too soon.

    so glad to hear all of you guys being well :D
  • duto,

    your tapes look amazing.

    update? i finished my degree in the performing arts in florida and moved to california to pursue acting. whatever.
    saw devon play a house show not too long ago. new band sounds awesome.

    glad you’re back with us dude!

  • duto!
    life is well i guess. currently contemplating abandoning a career i started 2 months ago but i’m really too much in debt to do anything about it. C’est la vie
    good to see you back on here. i really dig the design of the tape. i’m really fascinated by transportation design so when i saw that metro layout i knew i had to get a copy of that tape.

  • glad to be back again too. hope you guys doing great on your things!
    and tyler, your tape is on the way, thanks for the support. hope you dig it!
  • just got the tape today duto, thanks!

  • Just making sure everyone is alive, I kinda get depressed checking in and seeing nothing new going down.
  • Yes, still alive.
  • alive and well
  • Dead
  • alive and kicking.
    getting ready to shoot my new film in T-1 month!
  • Hey Jerks-
    Cleaned out my 7" collection the other day and found a couple of rare gems-- the osker/blindsided 7" and the kurt vile/fcmm split. Both are for sale. If you're interested, get at me: in the meantime, check out Aggravated Music on Facebook. Good times. -cn

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