• i got my copy of euphoria today. i’m really liking it. he seems to have built, even more, on the sound of carefree with a lot of dreamy guitar, synth and reverb drenched vocals
    a few melodies on it remind me of idle. or maybe that’s just me feeling nostalgic.

    and the re-recorded version of sufferer is slammin’. truly dw fashioned, with some new lyrics.

  • is there a mp3 download with it? i won't be able to listen to my copy for a few weeks when i'm home next.
  • Yeah, I’d like to buy a digital version, too.

  • only digital copy i know of is the one i made.

  • can you put it up on mediafire or something, i bought the tape but i have no way of converting it
  • the LP is supposedly coming out on slumberland soon. vinyl and cd.

  • but for what it’s worth, this is a b-side from euphoria that a member of devon’s current line up posted on his tumblr.

    i ripped it from there and am posting it here for my faithful pals.

    it’s a re-recored version of “right direction” which appeared on a slumberland comp.

    fixed link×665

  • Thanks for the b-side (although that link seems to be broken).

    Please do not post a copy of the record here, anyone.
  • link is broken for me too...
  • Finally got my copy a few days ago. maybe i need a bit more time to fully digest it in its fullest before i go into too much detail. As of now i really love it for what it is. What It is, is NEW!!! music from Devon who we all know is a genius. I have a cassette player in my car still so this is the only thing i have been listening to in my car.
    But i must admit i find the constant echoing in the vocals to be a bit destracting from the final product at times. I hope everyone has a chance to hear this though it is amazing none the less.
  • that mediafire link doesn't work for me... could someone re-up?
  • just replace the × in the link with an x. different characters.

  • Replacing the "x" with another "x' worked for me. The song is great. Found another song from the album you guys can listen to, infact you can hear 'right direction' there too,anyway the song its called "slight pain". Its nice, can't wait for the album. Ive been checking slumberland records like everyday in hopes they release the cd/lp, since i read this thread. im hyped.
  • eh, this album is hard to get into for me.
  • man, when is little nemo getting off his ass and releasing this dank shit slumberland-style?
  • he posted a clip of a song from the record on soundcloud. and i think the tape version i have might play slower than the actual record. weirdddd

  • so i asked devon on his facebook when can we expect to see the cd, and he replied august 30

    Clips of new songs here too... sounds really rad.
  • yup, Aug. 30 is when we can expect the CD/LP release. in case you needed more confirmation (as if the word from the man himself isn’t enough) this website says so too:

  • And “Mp3 download available on August 30th, 2011”. Sweet.

  • “don’t be fooled” from the cassette isn’t on the the slumberland release.
    got swapped with “right direction.”

  • You can check out clips of the album from Amazon... sounds so so so fucking rad.
  • These clips truly remind me that Devon is one of my absolute favorite songwriters now. M

    can’t believe no one has posted this yet. pre-order the album on blue vinyl and get a free puzzle of the cover art!

  • mine came in today. i got the record on now, it sounds 1000x better than the cassette or the rip of it.

    as for the puzzle... saving that for the hurricane weekend i have ahead of me.
  • p.s. i got a mini poster of the art too!
  • Are you one of the evacuees, jack?

  • nope, i live in brooklyn now so its not as bad. its just raining really hard. i heard manhattan is bad though.
  • free poster? awesome. i’m going home at the end of this week and so my copy should be there when i get back!

  • that puzzle was hard. took me and my girlfriend about 2 hours to do it.

  • i'm still yet to do it. too busy.

    on a side note, i saw a few copies of euphoria and the 7" in some stores around nyc/brooklyn. kinda cool to see devon's music in stores.
  • The record sounds great, after a few listens im already hooked. I don't like the last two tracks, which is weird cause i like anything devon does. But all in all, its a damn good record. My favorite tracks are 'revelations', and 'how is there always room', which is my favorite song on the entire cd.
  • So did anyone get their puzzle? I did not order the vinyl. I should have but i am sticking with the tape til i acquire more money.
  • yep, i got the puzzle. still have had no time to do it though.
  • do it during the brewers game tonight.
  • but cody that cuts into our chat time during the game
  • Pleasantly surprised that this site is still up and running.

    High five.
  • aka our 'why the fuck is prince swinging at everything' time

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