i made an IWK hoodie.
  • hey, so i made myself one of these a while ago.

    and a closeup on the hoodie

    and while you’re at it, check out the band in the photo – the funnest project i’ve been in for a while.

  • would pay money for this.
    you screen print?

  • just a DIY home job. decent quality though.
    you’d be better off making your own. i can upload the template i made if you want.

  • that’d be great.

  • pat, would you give us the MP3s?

    I remember liking some songs by The Good Morning Moose.
  • okay so!

    here’s the link to the template i made:

    and the link to the printing tutorial i used:

    when printing out the template, print it on two A4 sheets (make sure to choose “Page Scaling: None” when printing from Acrobat), and then line them up and tape them together (using the horizontal lines on each page as a guide). then follow the tutorial above to make the screen.

    if you want the text to be in a different spot from the rest of the design (such as on the breast, like on mine), cover that part of the screen with masking tape when you’re printing the main part.

    also, i printed the text using a different method to the rest of it. i left out all the tiny holes in the letters while making the screen, and then i applied the paint using a sponge instead of spreading it around with cardboard. it came out more faded and grungey.

    um, yep

  • and oem, cheers dude!
    we’re recording a full album which will be up for free download once it’s done. i’ll make sure to post the link here.

    in the meantime check out (one of) my other band(s) here: http://anothercastle.bandcamp.com/

  • Hey I just remembered I said I'd post a link when my band's album was done.


    It's free! GO
  • Downloading.
  • Nice! sounds good. I am going to jam it at the Record store i Work at.
  • Yessssss

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